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Playtex® Sipsters® Stage 3 Spoutless Cup

As your child becomes more active at ages 12 months and up, these insulated cups are designed for versatility and ensure that drinks remain cool and fresh twice as long**. Great for both indoor and outdoor use!

**Twice as long as regular single wall cups

3D Graphics

3D graphics create engaging images that are fun to look at.


Keep drinks cool 2x longer* with double walled insulation

Interchangeable Cups and Lids

Easy to mix and match.

Product Information

Features a spill-proof design to help develop your little one’s drinking skills. Available in soft spout for little ones with gum sensitivity.

Straw cups are designed for little ones to drink at any angle.

Spoutless cups ease the transition from sippy cups to a regular, big kid cup!

Designed to hold more liquid for active toddlers on the move!

Available in some of your little one’s favourite characters!

Whether your little one is an aspiring Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent, or you just want to add adventure into playtime, Playtex® has the perfect cups and mealtime sets for the biggest of little fans.

How to Use

Step 1: Clean all parts of the cup before use.
All parts are top rack dishwasher safe, or can be handwashed. Fully disassemble parts before washing (remove the valve). For Spout cups, store the valve under the lid when washing in the dishwasher. Do not use abrasive cleaners. After washing, allow cup parts to dry thoroughly between uses.

Step 2: Assemble the cup.

Spout:  Pinch both valve cylinders to open slits. Insert valve cylinders firmly all the way into lid.

Step 3: Closing the lid.
Screw lid onto cup, clicking clockwise until tight.

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